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Solutions Plus, Inc.
Committed to Building a Partnership for Quality, Cost Savings
Innovation and Environmental Responsibility

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On behalf of Solutions Plus we would like to thank you for considering our company as a viable new business partner.

Solutions Plus fully understands how important close customer-supplier relationships help trim costs in today’s predatory world economy. They improve quality by disseminating quality enhancing management techniques across company boundaries and by enlisting each supplier’s technological expertise in helping to create new ways to benefit each other. Through experience, we have learned that interdependency not only can expedite service, but foster creativity, productivity, improved quality and can provide a myriad of benefits to the overall partnership.

Solutions Plus pledges, as a supplier to hundreds of companies, to take great responsibility for the safe use of our products. We believe it is important for our employees and customers to understand our company’s position on this subject and we encourage open dialogue from our commercial business partners.

In addition, we will not sell products known to present an unnecessary risk to the user in their end-use application. We will take whatever actions that are necessary to protect the worker, the employee and the environment. We pledge that the manufacturing, storage, transportation and use or disposal of our products will be in compliance with all applicable governmental regulations.

Solutions Plus is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers in a consistently dependable manner with high quality, cost effective, specialty chemical products and systems which are researched, produced and marketed in accordance with the highest industry standards. We are focused on providing quick and responsive solutions to our customers’ concerns and are committed to delivering total customer satisfaction.

Solutions Plus’s Mission Statement focuses on customer service, our commitment to conduct business with the highest ethical standards and our responsibility to educate and lead employees, customers, industry and the public in promoting safety and protecting the earth’s environment.

Our employees have embraced this concept and many of our customers are doing the same. We feel privileged to be considered as a supplier to Our Customers and know that working together, as business partners, we can make a difference that really counts!

We hope you will enjoy learning a little bit more about our company and are eager to assist when and wherever possible. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate in giving us a call.

Solutions Plus