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Truck Wash Plus-C

Vehicle Cleaning
Truly Touchless Cleaner

Truck Wash Plus-C is a heavy-duty, liquid alkaline cleaner used for trucks, locomotives, railcars, and passenger cars. In addition, it provides a wide range of uses in the railway, transportation and industrial market place. TRUCK WASH PLUS-C was specifically designed to penetrate and remove the toughest greases and road soils. It is an excellent steam cleaner, locomotive cleaner and can be used for floor and pit cleaning, all surfactants are biodegradable, penetration is rapid and it is free rinsing. TRUCK WASH PLUS-C will not keep oils or greases emulsified. TRUCK WASH PLUS-C will not cause problems in the wastewater treatment plant like other cleaners that have high solvent or caustic contents.

Truck Wash Plus-C removes road soils even with systems that
do not have brushes.
Using Procedures

1:50 up to 1:200. 1% is 1:100 1/2% is 1:200.


Pre-soak vehicle first with Truck Wash Plus-C then rinse with high pressure.

Chemical spray arches, steam guns, high-pressure spray guns, brush or hand spraying.