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Prima Plus
(for the steel industry)

Synthetic Gear Oil To All Purpose Cleaners
  Prima Plus, gear oil is our highest quality synthetic polyglycol-based fluids. Prima Plus contains premium additives to withstand wear, oxidation, corrosion, extreme pressure and foam. Prima Plus lubricates where petroleum oil fails. Prima Plus solves gearbox problems. Prima Plus eliminates carbon residue, varnish and sludge caused by petroleum oxidation. Petroleum carbonizes at 200°F to 250°F. Prima Plus runs clean at hot spots of 350°F to 400°F +. PRIMA PLUS evaporates clean even when burned. Prima Plus has a long product life.  
Prima Plus works extremely well in Mud Guns in the Steel Industry. Prima Plus will cut, down/time, labor, replacement parts and costly repairs.
Two major steel mills in USA have had huge success in eliminating wear and rebuilds on Mud Gun screw plunger drives and tilt drives. Thousands of dollars have been saved.
Mud Gun
Key Properties
  • Reduces amperage: saves energy
  • Extends oil life: lowers disposal cost
  • Reduces wear: extends equipment life
  • Reduces temperature: extends oil life
  • Equipment stays cleaner: reduction of carbon and varnish deposits
  • Complete additive package